“The passion and attention given to the production of each pair of glasses adds a value that leads our brand to achieve extraordinary results.”

Made in Italy and Japan:

The production of most of our glasses takes place in Cadore, at the foot of the Dolomites, home of the Italian eyewear industry. We are pleased to have recently expanded our production into Japan for frames utilizing Japanese materials.  Whether in Italy or Japan, skilled artisans are responsible for the entire hand-crafted production. They tactfully manipulate rudimentary machinery and oversee every step of the process.

Our methods of manufacturing are adapted to the material being used; so whether we are using Indian water buffalo horn, Japanese titanium and Beta-titanium, or Natural-based Italian acetate, stunning results are always obtained.

Regarding the horn, the process begins by milling two small boards of the same material; one becomes the main body of the glasses, and the other the eyeglass arms. The mill follows a previously designed 3D of the chosen shape and when finished, the artisans manually clean away all the remaining splinters.


Next, all the parts are tumbled, a technique for smoothing little parts and surfaces; this process can take more than a week. Finally, the artisans put together the sunglasses, there after improving the look and quality by polishing the surface with pads that render the glasses detailed and brilliant.

In order to manufacture sunglasses in titanium and beta-titanium, artisans generally begin by laser-cutting a sheet of metal to make all the components, and then weld those pieces together.

Ultimately, our goal is to sell the best product on the market, both in design and quality. This is the reason why we established a partnership with Zeiss, our lens supplier.


Delirious uses a wide variety of materials to produce its sunglasses, from natural-based acetate to more refined materials such as Indian water buffalo horn, Japanese titanium, Beta-titanium, and Takiron acetate. We have conducted long studies of the usage, manufacture, and durability of materials before selecting them. These qualities are the foundation of our production.

Stylistically, we aren’t inspired by anything contemporary. Instead, we work with free and unadulterated minds, taking as our only role model vintage collections from past centuries. We are searching for a style that consists of simple lines and minimalistic shapes which are passively influenced by our deep knowledge of the eyewear sector.