While on holiday in the summer of 2012, Marco Lanero, founder of Delirious, roamed the streets of Cadore looking for a small atelier where he could have a pair of customized sunglasses made. After searching long and hard, he came across a team of young artisans who made him his first pair of handcrafted sunglasses. It was a simple pair of glasses, with no apparent innovation in its design, but with no trace of a label, so not recognizable at all.

Upon returning to university that autumn, Marco’s sunglasses began to catch the eyes of friends and strangers. It soon dawned on him that labels have little importance in the face of highly-refined, top-quality products. After several months of in-depth study, Marco understood that people have a strong desire for a product that provides quality and a high level of manufacture; a return to a design that represents a quest for innovation. That winter, Marco invested in an industrial engraver and began to customize glasses for friends and acquaintances. All in all, he sold a mere 189 pieces. Soon afterwards, he called upon his close friend, Camillo Bovio, to design and set up the website that first launched Delirious.


Delirious is a brand that strives to set itself apart from the rest of the eyewear industry. It wants to accomplish this in every aspect; design, material, and manufacturing; our ultimate goal is to create a one-of-a-kind undertaking through one-of-a-kind products. Delirious wants to revolutionize mainstream fashion statements and dreams of a world in which refined craftsmanship and the finest materials combine perfectly with the purity of form.


We have received praise and admiration from both professionals in the business and the valued members of the Delirious community. For example, in June 2018, we got special mention in “Vogue Talent Italy.” We also won the “Tomorrow” and “Sugar Prize.”
The people that rock our shades on a daily basis have come to love our product. They have told us that they would be proud to carry the Delirious brand name on their glasses. So in an effort to satisfy this request and expand the Delirious community via brand recognition, you will now find our brand name on the glasses.


“The passion and attention given to the production of each pair of glasses adds a value that leads our brand to achieve extraordinary results.” Made in Italy and Japan:
The production of our Indian water buffalo horn glasses takes place in Cadore, at the foot of the Dolomites, home of the Italian eyewear industry. We are pleased to have recently expanded our production into Japan for frames utilizing Japanese materials like Takiron® acetate and Katohachi® lenses. Whether in Italy or Japan, skilled artisans are responsible for the entire hand-crafted production. They tactfully manipulate rudimentary machinery and oversee every step of the process.


Stylistically, we aren’t inspired by anything contemporary. Instead, we work with free and unadulterated minds, taking as our only role model vintage collections from past centuries. We are searching for a style that consists of simple lines and minimalistic shapes which are passively influenced by our deep knowledge of the eyewear sector.

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